About Us

Established in 2008, Qirom Consulting Pte Ltd  is focused on providing ICT, management consulting and data analytics services for dynamic SMEs (small medium enterprises) and NPOs (non-profit organisations) at the most affordable cost.

Through our solutions and services, we have helped business overcome many technical, financial, administrative and operational issues that are often the cause for poor customer service, non-compliance, untraceable payments & receivables, and poor decision making.

Today we are organised into four separate teams:

Research & Development

whose functions is to improve the quality of our solution offerings.

Customer Support & Training

whose presence is to ensure that customers gets the timely support required.

Business Development

whose purpose is to extend the reach of our solutions so that more users can benefit from them.

Project & Consultancy

whose purpose is to provide the necessary professional inputs for customers looking to embark on a successful implementation whether IT or other business domain.

Our Vision and Mission

Growth Via Technologies. To provide SMEs, Non Profit Organisations with affordable, reliable advisory and digital solutions-services so as to enable these dynamic organisations experience the benefits of computerisation, acquire new capabilities to overcome challenges and seek new opportunities.

Our Values

Qirom believes in being client focused, respecting deadlines, honest,  providing consistent work process, being helpful in addressing client concerns and delivering on our commitments, the very values that will make us become a better company and better person.